Tooling Solutions | Reko Tool and Mold


Our designers and engineers at Reko use the latest software platforms to support the design and manufacturing process. Our continuous attention to detail and process optimization allows us to deliver tooling on time and on budget through our experienced team of program managers.

We utilize the following software in our day-to-day operations: Unigraphics, Moldflow, Spinfire, Lemoine, Powermill, Cimatron Data Manager (EDM).


Reko manufactures compression tooling for a variety of acoustic and soft trim applications. Our experience with a variety of materials and processes is second to none in the industry, such as the latest in RUS and fibre applications. Our large machining envelopes allow Reko to produce large scale tooling such as multiple cavity and full floor molds.


With the highest precision and long standing experience, our plastic injection molds at Reko are designed and built by our skilled designers and toolmakers to world class standards. The molds we build typically run in presses from 150T to 3500T.


Reko is a single source for tooling secondaries to complement our molds, all produced IN HOUSE by our experienced staff. Knowing that our customers often require a “one stop’ solution, we are ready to provide:

  • End-of-Arm tooling for robotic part transfer
  • Waterjet fixtures
  • Models
  • Gages
  • Clip insertion fixtures
  • Testing fixtures